Aur Ek Din....

8.30 AM, Sunday,Akash's House
Phone Ringing…
After struggling to find the phone Akash was finally able to catch hold of it.
Akash(sleepy  tone): Hellooo…
Bhoomi: Hello Akash, It's Bhoomi here… Sorry to disturb you early on a Sunday morning.
Akash(now sitting on his bed ): No problem.. Good morning to you
Bhoomi: Good Morning…Vidya asked me to remind you that we have to go to office today as there are few new urgent requirements.
Akash: We? She asked me to work on it she never mentioned of you.
Bhoomi: At what time you will be in office?
Akash: 11.30.. will that be fine?
Bhoomi: 11.30???
Akash: Ok will try to reach by 10.30.
Bhoomi: No, I mean 11.30 will be too early…Its my Sunday too… will 1:30 be fine with you?
Akash: 1:30 done
Bhoomi: Cool..Chalo see you in office bye…
Akash: B-bye…
Akash and Bhoomi are working in the same  project for little over a year but it was last few months only they were working closely with each other over some new assignment.

2.00 PM, Office
Phone Ringing…
Akash: Hola! Sorry will be there in 10 mins max,its traffic here.
Bhoomi: Come Quick.. not able to access the bay…my I-Card is not working.
Akash: 10 more mins…see you in office…
Bhoomi: Jaldiiii….bye
2:15 PM,Office
Bhoomi: God! What took you so long?
Akash: Traffic you know… :P
Bhoomi:  Liar!
Akash: Areh Sach me, believe me
Bhoomi: Whatever!!! Let’s start with the work…it will be a long day it seems…
Akash: Aye aye Captain!
Bhoomi: Pagal(mad)
9 PM,Office
Bhoomi: Chalo, All done…I am leaving for the day…Please drop a mail before you leave.
Akash: Ok…
Bhoomi: I am dead tired..Chal Bye!
Akash: Hey Bhoomi, listen… You are coming to office party on Tuesday, right???
Bhoomi: No Dude…I need some rest, these days it was too hectic and anyways with new people around, I hardly know anyone.
Akash: Oh! C’mon… You know me, Rishab,Shyam and moreover almost everyone know you. Come it will fun and you deserve every bit off it.
Bhoomi: Yeah Yeah!!! As if I am the Diva here…
Akash: That you are…
Bhoomi: Sorry!
Akash:'s late you should leave now, meet you in the party…Adios!!!
Bhoomi: Not sure whether I will make it. let’s see…bye…
6.30PM,Monday, Palm Resorts( Party Venue)
Bhoomi: Hi, Akash!
Akash: Bhoomi…Gosh you came…BTW you look beautiful in this dress…I mean you are beautiful but this dress compliment you perfectly…
Bhoomi: Hehe,Thank You..
Akash: I almost lost hope that you aren't coming but you are here finally…
Bhoomi(looking straight into Akash Eyes): I came here only because you wanted me to.
Akash  standing still there looking straight into Bhoomi and what followed next was a never ending monologue of SILENCE.

The  End.


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