Global Warming:Episode Bangalore

I don’t  remember when was the last time I blogged , wait I do it was back in 1st week on March 2016 :P. Its not that I didn’t came across anything that really interested me  rather I would say there was number of times  I came across such and wanted to pen them down.Yes I had  very hectic weeks in the last couple of months and so,I burned my ass for 13-14 hrs a a day even on weekends  but taking it as a excuse for something you always wanted to do is purely lame. I see people(Nope, I am not  Cole Sear) who after  a hard,hectic day still manages to do things that they like.I really do take inspiration from them but  just like the morning mist that fades away  when the sun comes up,I had a similar kind off story.
Bohut hogayi  Dukh bhari Dastaan(Enough of my melodrama,Yes I need to translate it as Google says most of my readers are from US :D) .Now on a serious note the following blog post was planned for Earth Day but was not able to post it on time but better  late than never.The start it off here’s s a transcript of the speech  Leonardo DiCaprio  gave while accepting the Acamedy Award for Best Actor 2016,to quote him:
” Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. Let us not take this planet for granted.”
An active environmentalist and UN messenger of peace,over the two years  Dicaprio made an exceptional journey all round the world studying the nature of Global warming.Though unlike Dicaprio people like us who are limted to only our  own small world  are unware of the impact Global warming is having on our life.Who cares whether the Glaciers of Artic are dissappering  way more before the prediction or the Farmers of India are commiting suicide due to drought,unless and until its someone or something very related or dear to us,who cares?.But the day seems no far when the entire human race will come to know what they are up against.

An article on New York Times says 2015 was the hottest year on earth so far. Just as 2015 made way for 2016, we have another article from Washington Post that says February 2016 was the hottest month for entire Earth! If this can’t make anyone belive the Global Warning is for real ask me aor any other fellow banaglorean about it.On 24th April,2016, the Karnataka capital - renowned for its ability to keep cool (dubbed as India’s 365 days Hill Station)  touched 39.2 degrees. That made it the hottest day ever for the city since records began to be kept in 1867.That’s not all my friend and this sudden rise in the tempearture is not just something,its was always on the card with a lot more to come. A tool compiled by New York Times shows that temperature in Bengaluru this year was 0.9 degree C warmer than the average normal. Average for Bengaluru is 24.7 degrees, while the tool shows an average of 25.6 degree Celsius. If it is the case for every year from now onwards only one can imagine what will be bangalore in the next 10 years and so.
Adressing the problem of Global Warming learders from around 195 countries came together in Paris and  on 22nd April 2016(Earth Day) the Historic Paris Agreement was signed. The head of the meet which was caleed as  Paris Conference, France's foreign minister Laurent Fabius, said this "ambitious and balanced" plan is a "historic turning point" in the goal of reducing global warming. For those who are not aware of the pact we can read about it her Paris Agreement.

The temperature rise in Banglaore is one of the many problems the earth is facing reagarding Global warning but we are not concern with all of them because we are not affected with them.We must all unite togrether in the fight againts Global warning and play a part no matter how insignifacant it may sound to us but on a large every small steps matters.


  1. Beautifully written and good concerns raised. I hope people think about the consequences soon and adopt eco-friendly methods like car-pooling in a city like Bangalore and contribute a bit from their side.

    1. Certainly car-pooling will be a great initiative if taken up by masses,it will play a very important role in reduction of CO2 emmisson to a level

  2. A good one.. Yes Go Green fever to get under the skin! We are really least bothered for it is not affecting us right now... And I forbid it will be the same us with all the debt of living a healthy life back Bglr many metro cities are bleeding at the costs of our own negligence!

  3. Yes we should try to play our own bit part towards it and if everyone's thinking unite soon Earth will be a better place to live

  4. Bangalore is in dire straits. 78% decline in vegetation and 79% decline in water bodies in the last four decades. The fast depleting underground water levels suggest the city will need to be evacuated in the next 10 years. Unless the reckless, unplanned development is given a check, it seems the situation will only become worse.

    1. Yes,if it continues the Silicon Valley of India will soon be the Dead Valley!!!


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