The Virals & Trends of the Week 2.0

I am back again with a compilation of top videos that went viral this week along with the trends of Social Media.Here it goes....

1.Nawab of Najafgarh:After threatening every bowler and entertaining every cricket fan over a career that span for around 15 years,Virender Sehwag hang up his boot this week.What followed next was tributes for the Indian Batsman and here's one of them.

2.Adele:From rolling in the deep to making Skyfall,Adele is back again after 3 years with "Hello". Check it out here       

3.DDLJ:Its been 20 years since the movie was released and the lead pair of SRK-Kajol  are back again to win over our heart like they did 20 years back.
Check it out DDLJ:A Tribute
4.SRK @ Edinburg:One hardly can keep this guy out of news.Here he is presenting a inspirational talk at the University of Edinburg after his honorary Doctorate from the University.
5.Incredible India???: "Athiti Devo Bhava":Tourists are God but this shameful incident in Bangalore this week will provide you with of how we are actually treating our Athitis.



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